Michelle Sukow

Mental Fitness Trainer. Midlife Champion. Success Mentor.

Yes, You Can – And I’ll Show You How

Hi! I’m Michelle and I’m excited to work with you!
Going through my hardest moments, I discovered my passion: helping others overcome obstacles and become the most successful version of themselves. I’ve been there and I know how to go from breakdowns to breakthroughs. I couldn’t keep these tips and tricks to myself!

Hear My Story 

    When we partner for your podcast, speaking engagement, or event, we will GO THERE on topics like post-relationship, running a business, rocking midlife, and everything in-between.  Hey, it’s all part of life.  And people want to talk about it!  Including your audience.




      Podcasts, Speaking & Events

      Relatable Solutions:

      Straightforward, relatable techniques with a touch of sass.

      Conquering Tough Moments:

      Self-doubt can get the best of us, but I’ll show your audience how they can live their best life.

      Broad Subject Matters:

      Relationships, business leadership, rocking midlife and much more!

      I Want to Meet You and Your Audience!

      I’ve given a variety of talks as a guest, keynote or small session speaker.  I provide insights on empowerment, business building, entrepreneurship and wellness….all while having fun!  I’ve spoken at companies to their entire staff about team building and productivity, and how individuals can work within their jobs to ignite innovation.

      So, let’s do this! You want to hear more, don’t you?? Let’s connect and I’ll give you more details.