I’ve been to my hard place and taught myself how to create a life I actually love. Now, I’m sharing my techniques with you!

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Michelle Sukow–Live

How to Get Back in The Driver’s Seat and Take Control of Your Life

My passion is helping you get back in the driver’s seat

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Honesty, Relatability, and Inspiration

  • 60+ minutes of stories, laughter, and tried-and-true techniques
  • Interactive elements – yes, you won’t sit the whole time! 
  • Details my own family and friends didn’t know for years
  • My best tips and tricks for changing your life
  • Discounts on my one-on-one coaching

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Make Changing Your Life Work For You and Your Schedule

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What Is An Hour With Me Like?

An Opportunity for Support
Experience what it feels like to know you’re not alone.

Techniques Anybody Can Do
Learn the same techniques I spent years refining — in just minutes.

A Different Approach
My approach helps you prioritize You, embrace your imperfections, and learn it’s okay to just be okay.

Built On a Foundation of Gratitude
Discover how gratitude can change every part of your life and how to create a habit you can’t wait to practice.

What Will You Teach Me How To Do?



set goals
and keep them

create healthy

build an inner

What Happens When You Don’t Prioritize You

I’ll tell you stories about tough times from my life and the lessons I learned. I’ve had moments I’m not proud of, but I’ll show you how I learned to go from a WE to a ME Mindset and transform my life.

Somebody Who’s Been There

Other speakers get in front of you and don’t speak your language. I know you’ll be able to relate to my stories.
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Learn Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Life

I don’t just tell you about my hard place, I tell you how to get out of yours! I spent years trying different techniques and seeing them create change in my life. I’m not keeping them to myself anymore!

Find Out How to Go From Negative to Positive

When you’re going through tough moments, it’s easy to be negative, but that’s not the way. I’ll teach you how to get out of a negative mindset and into a positive one that will change your life. 

I Make An Impact…See What The People I Work With Have to Say

“I highly recommend Michelle for your consulting needs! She is an enthusiastic, energetic and engaging presenter. Michelle is a fierce advocate for women in the towing industry and beyond. I personally can’t wait to see what she will accomplish next.”

-Cynthia Martineau, Executive Director, TRAA

“Michelle is a great leader. She has been running 2 different businesses at the same time, one of them being 24/7/365… but she’s always available for advice or just a shoulder to cry on when times are tough. She continues to interact with leaders, passing these skills and traits on.”

Mary Weber, Ken Weber Truck Service        

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