Post Relationship

Getting beyond the pain to discover the new YOU

Burning Bridges and Dancing Naked

The Point I Decided Enough was Enough

One day, I finally realized that 20 years of indecision wasn’t working. It was time to get out.

Daily Affirmations

Positivity helps us maintain the best frame of mind for ourselves. Stay in tune using these short reminders of how far you’ve come.

Getting back to being you starts with YOU
You’ve been torn down.

Let’s build you back up!

It doesn’t matter what your relationship looked like. Now’s the time to keep your eyes forward and focused on what you want. 

Let’s get you back to yourself and make the world wonder if you ever stopped moving when the wheels on the bus fell off.

Reflect and learn so you never make the same mistakes again.

Determine where you want to go and set small goals to get there.

FINALLY, make time for YOURSELF.

Follow through. Don't look back once you've started running forward.

Forgive Yourself

I didn’t start by forgiving the one who hurt me. I started by forgiving myself. So can you.

Is Your Relationship Healthy?

Take this short quiz to see what science tells us about good vs. bad relationships.

The Ebb and Flow in the After

Navigating the good days is easy. It’s the bad days that are rough. Here’s what I do.

Building Your Inner Circle

Choose your close relationships carefully. I’ve made plenty of mistakes. Here’s what I do now.

Share Daily Affirmations with your Friends

Be the most positive person in your friend’s and family’s life. Share the positivity with cards of daily affirmation.

Sometimes all it takes is a small reminder to someone about how great you think they are. Let us help with that by sending you a pack of 20 cards you can share with 20 people you think are awesome.

They won’t know what hit them when you hand them the “I Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Awesome” card.


What exactly are Daily Cards of Affirmation

They are personalized prompts you can share with your friends in a 3 x 5 notecard size. 

They are great for leaving on someone’s desk at work if they are having a rough time or to leave a smile on your significant other’s face in the morning when he or she finds it stuck to the bathroom mirror.

What size are they?

Each card is a 5.5 inch x 4.25 inch card.

They are perfect to keep in a desk drawer or in your bag so you’re always ready to brighten someone’s day. 

How are they shipped?

Affirmation cards come in a pack of 20. They come shipped to you in a white organza bag.

We’re sure that once you receive them and start handing them out, the smiles will be abundant.

Can I write my own daily affirmations to my friends?

 Of course!

In each pack we include at least 1 blank affirmation card so you can write a personalized message to your friends.  

We also offer packs of all blank cards to allow your creativity to uniquely inspire everyone around you to smile.

My Daily Affirmations

When you lose a relationship, you lose a part of yourself. It’s never easy to say goodbye to someone who you have invested so much time and energy into.

The challenge is to not let the pain overshadow your ability to be you… to be  the best, happiest, most productive version of yourself. Take it from me. I’ve been there.

Take some time each and every day to affirm yourself with my Daily Affirmations to rebuild your confidence and your ability to move forward. I promise that the gentle reminder of how AWESOME you are will help.

You can download a sample affirmation card below or sign up for my Daily Affirmations email series to get you through any rough patch. If you want, we even have packs of cards you can share with your friends.

  • Send Me My Daily Affirmations

After a relationship it’s time to focus on YOU.

Sometimes we just need someone to help us work through all the garbage that’s been built up over the years.

If you just want someone to talk to, feel free to schedule some time with me. Let’s get to know each other over a short call and determine if my coaching can get you back to yourself. If not, I’m always open to making some new friends.