Michelle Sukow shares tips for making the power of the pivot a positive force in your life.

This month is all about the power of the pivot. Guys, I’m excited to talk about this!

Whether you realize it or not, we’ve all pivoted throughout this year. So many things happened, and so much changed. As we navigate these times, I’m seeing that there is so much power in pivoting. 

Technically, pivoting is rotating or spinning around while remaining centered on some point. In life, pivoting is making changes and adjustments to how you do or approach something, without losing the core of who you are. There are personal pivots and professional pivots, big and small. Here a few examples:

  • Changing your hairstyle. Come on, that’s a significant change! 
  • Taking a solo vacation. Get away to get perspective and recharge.
  • Changing your partner. Whether it’s a business partner or one in your personal life, that’s a pretty big pivot.
  • Exercising more. When I decided to exercise, it was a game-changer. I can thank exercise for better mental health, my positive attitude, and clearer thinking.

Today, I’m giving you a preview of all the different aspects of pivoting I’ll be talking about this month. I’d love to hear about the pivots you’ve experienced, so please email me at michelle@michellesukow.com or share them on social media by using #thepowerofthepivot and tagging me! Each week when you read my blogs, let me know what you think and tell me how pivoting has changed your life.

A Big Year of Pivots

2020… Where do I begin? This has been a pretty crazy year. Our work and home lives changed a lot in the last year. Things we used to do without thinking about, like going to our offices, going out to eat, or sending our kids to school, look completely different now. 2020 brought shifts in our lives and relationships that none of us had control over. We’ve all had to pivot and find new ways forward.

Why You Need to Pivot

Michelle Sukow pivots when life calls for change.

Why do you need to pivot? Well, because pivoting helps you find better paths for yourself. If you find yourself going in a direction that isn’t productive, right for you, or that doesn’t serve you well, pivoting gives you a chance to make a change. Maybe you’re in a relationship that isn’t positive in your life, and you need to pivot to find new happiness. Or, with a new work-life (thanks COVID), maybe you’re finding you are ready to try something new. Pivoting sets changes into motion, and sometimes those changes are the best thing for you.

How to Pivot with a Positive and Grateful Mindset

If you know me, you know how passionate I am about living a grateful life and finding the positives, even when things are really shitty. There is power in positivity and in being grateful. Not every pivot happens naturally or leads to immediate happiness. Sometimes pivoting is challenging but necessary because something difficult or sad happens in your life. Finding gratitude in those pivots, and being positive, will empower you to embrace changes and look forward to what’s ahead.

Reading my blogs this month will help you embrace pivoting and will change your life for the better. And you know what? I want you to embrace pivoting so you can learn how to shift gears and move forward. The power of the pivot gives you the confidence to create results in your life. I can’t wait to share more about that with all of you. 

Live your best life,