I’ve talked to you about how important friendships are. They are so important in my life and in helping me grow. As I look at my friendships, I’ve noticed something.

I put a priority on my female friendships. I make it a point each week to schedule time with my girls. I need that time to get to be girly and talk and catch up with friends.

Guys are great – but they’re not girls

While working with men has been easier in some ways than working with females, I need to be able to talk about things with my girlfriends that I can’t with guy friends. If you know what I mean. To balance out my day or week, after having worked with men most of the day, I just need that female energy.

Don’t get me wrong, my male friends are great to me, and I appreciate them in my life. I used to think it didn’t matter. That male or female friendships were the same, but I’ve changed my mind a bit on that.

Your friendship needs change as you grow and get older

I think that for me, in this time of my life, I need to be around women who know what I’ve gone through and what I am currently going through. It’s my girlfriends who I raised kids with and who can appreciate the changes motherhood has had on our bodies. As we get older, we have different priorities, and our mental faculties change – it’s good to commiserate with each other.

While you’re raising a family, your friends have kids at different ages and different interests. It’s hard to connect when you’re going through those younger years with kids. As you get older, your kids have grown, things change and girlfriends become a really super important part of your life.

I make my friends a priority in my schedule

This time of my life, I want to celebrate! I want to celebrate with my girls everything we’ve been through and what the future holds. You hit a point in your life and your girlfriends are an important, safe place to vent about work, significant others, and things that are happening. You need your girlfriends and your girlfriends need you so much more now.

I’ll meet up with my girlfriends in person or on the phone. I prefer in person so we can spend lots of time together and give hugs. But if I can’t do that, I’ll definitely set aside time to call and catch up. It’s too important not to prioritize it!

Parting Thoughts

My best advice for you is to think about what you need from your friendships. What stage are you in life and what are you looking for from a friendship to help you at this time? Your needs change over a lifetime. Mine certainly have!

And once you know who can support you, make time for those people. Develop deeper friendships or make new friends if you need a bigger or better support system. Friendships are really that important!

Live Life On Your Own Terms!