I’m not going to lie… I have been kind of scattered lately. Being scattered isn’t something I am used to. I’m usually on top of my game, constantly checking my calendar, creating new ideas, preparing for the day – you know, the usual busy-but-organized Michelle! But lately, I have been finding myself forgetting to write things down, not planning as much as I would like to, and my creative flow has been a little off. This started to resonate with me, and I started asking myself: Why? Why am I being scattered? It’s so not like me, and I realized it was because I was getting so busy that my routine was thrown off, which therefore threw off my creative process. 

My Brain Never Stops 

I don’t know about everyone else and what their creative process looks like, but when I start thinking, my brain doesn’t stop. I love the process of creating new ideas and collaborating with my team to come up with new processes. The act of generating new ideas and getting creative helps me refocus my attention into work, and it helps me get back on schedule. 

Some days feel like a struggle because there is so much to do and so much to focus on that my creative process can get squashed in the process. It is very easy to get bogged down by work and life and everything happening around you. It’s always a top priority for me to be able to stay on track and refocus on what I need to get done. 

I often find myself trying to do a million things at a time, because I have a hard time focusing on one task – especially when I am focusing on creative processes! I suppose it is good to be constantly thinking when trying to be creative, but sometimes I need to stop myself and allow myself to slow down. Staying creative and staying on track is a constant process. 

How I Get Myself Out Of That Funk 

So, the real question lies is how do I get myself to stay on track without sacrificing my creative process? Luckily, I do have an answer, and it’s nighttime! Yes, you read that right! I know we hear everyone preaching about a morning routine and getting up bright and early, but I have tried that and it’s just not for me. 

The reason I have been so thrown off my routine and my reactive process has been stunted is because I haven’t had my night time routine in check! A night time routine is just as real as a morning routine for me. The night time is where I refocus and get all of my work prepped, my creative thoughts flowing, and all my sh*t in check. I usually end my night by journaling about what I need to do the next day, as well as documenting some personal thoughts. (Psst, I’m working on a journal that I think you will all love and resonate with as much as I do!) I would so much rather start my mornings easy and carefree. I’m that person who will snooze her alarm at least a couple of times before getting out of bed! 

Of course I will encounter times where last minute tasks pop up in the morning, but overall I like to get my day set the night before so I can have a clear, creative, stress-free head in the morning. 

Parting Thoughts 

Creating a routine, whether it be a nighttime routine like me or a morning routine for the early birds – you just have to start somewhere. It may take some getting used to, but once you have that routine down, you will be shocked to find how much more likely you are to stay on track and get creative! I know life can get stressful. I know it is hard to stay on track and keep your creativity going when everything else in the world seems so chaotic. But, it doesn’t have to be! If you are feeling overwhelmed by stress, take a step back and consider how much more productive you could become if you just had the tools in place that would help you stick to a routine that sets you up for success.