We all have an inner critic that sometimes we just want to put our hands over our ears and yell, “NO WAY… not this time. I’m not listening to you anymore!” I don’t know about yours, but mine is a real sassy one too. I can feel the eyeroll as I type this….

It is easy to look at the things we do not like and get down on ourselves. You would think it would be easier to look at the good things and lift ourselves up, wouldn’t you??? Well, it isn’t. That’s because our limiting beliefs do not allow us to believe we are good enough. That stops when you figure out your inner critic does not get to win anymore! Sometimes it is a long journey, and we may feel like just giving up along the way. But don’t you dare! You can’t quit on yourself.
This is where having a great inner circle is the most important! When you are down on yourself, they will lift you up. When you only see the things that you wish were different, they will tell you all the amazing things you do not see. And when you are stuck in a rut and just cannot seem to find your way out of it, they will give you a swift kick to get you out of it. Well, maybe that is just my inner circle… Yours might give you a hand and help you up. We all need that help from time to time. Doesn’t make you weak, doesn’t mean you can’t do it – it just means you are lucky enough to have people who want to help you.

Sometimes though, you just need to trust the journey and be patient with what God has planned for you. I struggle with this. Trust is hard for me. This is where some of my limiting beliefs come in. While I still have some work to do on overcoming them, some still pop into my head every now and again. Here is one of them:

This past year my mind has been telling me that this happiness will not last. It never does. And yes, in the past, it didn’t. It was always a cycle that just went around and around. It was like riding a roller coaster you could not get off of. After I got off it was when I realized how bad it really was. So now over the past 4 years, things have just fallen into place. I still have challenges. I mean, I would get bored without them, I think. But so many amazing opportunities, amazing people, remarkable success & a killer comeback have happened. If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I could see myself in this exact place, I would have laughed. I certainly would not have trusted it to chance. But by having the right people in my life, creating a healthy company culture, and making good financial decisions – I am HERE!! By trusting my gut, embracing this journey, and silencing my inner critic, I made it. Now I just must trust that all this will continue. My past does not define where I am now. No more limiting my capacity for good things and happiness. NOPE!

I will continue to work on these limiting beliefs. Everyone struggles with something at some point. Even when I know better that inner critic can still rear its ugly head and butt in where it does not belong. I’m stronger and more confident now, and she doesn’t win as much. I will take that for a win!

Every day I work on a growth mindset and a positive attitude. You have all heard me tell you about how journaling has been a game changer for me. It is my discipline in that practice that created a routine that keeps me focusing on all the good things in my life. When I am in a better frame of mind, I can control my inner critic much more successfully. She does not get to win when I am strong and confident in who I am. She also seems to stay put when I am absorbing only good vibes!

How do you manage yours? Share the tips that you use! That is what this community is all about. Helping others! Send me a DM or email me. I know we all could use more ideas, tricks, and tips. I will share them so others can benefit from you too.

Keep Living Your Best Life!