Those of you who have followed me for a long time (thank you!) know that my journey hasn’t exactly been an easy one. My personal and professional life and the intersection of the two have provided me with plenty of challenges along with successes—pain and joy. Like many of you, I haven’t had a perfect path.

There have been plenty of moments where I’ve had to embrace my inner badass for me not just to survive but also to thrive. You know, the part of me that says, “I won’t give up. I’m going to fight. I can do this.” That part of me has gotten me through some of the most challenging moments in my life and brought me out of them even stronger!

Today, I’m sharing a few of those experiences with you.

A Tough Time

The past month has been a tough one for me. I encountered a lot of obstacles, and at times it was difficult for me to keep going. I was exhausted and tired, and my mind and my body just needed a break. 

For some people, giving in to your need to stop and breathe might feel like giving up. Not for me. I chose to listen to my gut, tune into my body, and take a break. That decision empowered me. I took the time I needed to relax, recharge, and focus on taking my next step. 

Instead of trying to push through that intuition, I listened to it. I put my energy into small actions that helped me rebuild my strength and reclaim my focus. I needed that.

And you know what? I’m a badass for giving myself the room to do that. I’m strong enough to say, “Here’s what I need, and I’m going to take care of myself.” It’s not a weakness to acknowledge you need help to move forward – It’s the ultimate sign of power. 

Making My Voice Heard

Throughout the years, I’ve learned not to be so intimidated by other people. Making my voice heard has been a big part of figuring out who I am and staying true to myself. 

Look. The reality is, I work in a very male-dominated industry. There are so many great guys I get to work with and who I respect and admire. And there’s also some “good old boy” stuff I have to navigate, which comes with the territory.

I recently went through a tough experience where a group of people in my industry let me down. A situation occurred where I was hurt and disappointed by some of my peers’ actions and decisions.

But I took the reins and took control of my actions or my reaction. My inner badass stood strong. I made my opinion known, and I said what I felt. 

Was it hard? Absolutely. But I buckled down, focused on what was necessary and put one foot in front of the other. I’ve never given up, no matter what challenges I’ve faced, and I don’t plan on starting anytime soon. 

Michelle Sukow wears boxing gloves and confidently looks into the camera.
Embracing my inner badass has helped me find strength in life’s toughest moments.

Taking Ownership of My Business

One of the times in my life where my inner badass truly helped me push forward was when I decided to buy out my business partner. Ugh, this was a tough one. But I learned and grew from it, and my inner strength was the key to getting through it. 

That decision was a heartbreaking one for me. It felt like a loss, but I had to keep going. I knew it was what was best for my employees, my business, and me. 

The timing of the whole situation also wasn’t ideal, and it wasn’t what I’d planned for myself. I had to pivot and create an entirely new path. It was challenging, but it’s been so rewarding. I’ve watched my team flourish, and my company has grown in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Standing Up In My Industry

I’ve been in my industry for a long time now, and I’ve seen just how important safety is on every level. I’ve worked hard to promote safety not just for the people I work with and me, but for their families, too. After all, my son has grown up in this industry and might take over this business someday. I want him to be safe, too.

Along the way, I’ve had to stand up for myself and the people who work in this business to make changes. Some of them were pretty significant changes. Some were scary and hard. But that inner badass in me said, “This is important. I can do this.” It wasn’t easy, but I don’t regret any of it, not one bit.

Embracing My Inner Badass Isn’t Always Easy

Even though I’m successful, happy, and have many good things going on in my life, it’s not always easy. Sometimes, embracing my inner badass is tricky because it means I have to fight. Every once in a while, there’s a day, a week, or even a month where I struggle. 

No matter what, you have to do what you have to do to move forward. Maybe you need to take some time off and recharge. Maybe you need to make a mistake or two and pivot. The important thing is that when the time is right, and you’re ready, you let your inner badass give you the strength to take that next step. Big or small, you just have to keep going.

The most successful people in life have taken time to reconfigure their lives, too. I’m proud to be in that group! You have to be patient with yourself and give yourself some grace. 

Moving Forward

The next time you face a challenge, big or small, I want you to listen to yourself. Listen to your heart and your mind: What do you need to move forward? 

If your inner badass needs time to rebuild the strength and stir up perseverance, take it. When you’re ready and overcome whatever roadblocks have been in your way, it will make your next win all the better. And your inner badass will become even stronger.

Have there been times in your life when your inner badass helped you keep going? Post about them on social media and tag me! I love hearing your stories.

Live your best life,