In my opinion, ME time is one of the most important things we can do on our personal growth journey! This step cannot be overlooked. As the seasons of your life change, your ME time will look different. For example, four years ago, I worked out every week day. I felt like I needed those endorphins to get through my day. Two years ago, reading is what helped get me out of my head and I needed that more than the exercising. Today, because life is chaotic, I just like to sit in my hammock, soak up the sun, and listen to the birds and the wind. It is so calming to me. A half hour of that, my heart rate is lowered and I am relaxed.  

Take it from Me

For all of us introverts, ME time is mandatory! We need it to function. Yes, really.  However, sometimes life takes over and we lose that time. Whether it’s work, business, or family, it all has a tendency to take over. Even for the extroverts who may not need the ME time like us introverts, ME time is still needed for personal growth. We must remember to prioritize ourselves too. We can’t pour from an empty cup! We need to fill ours back up before we can help others.  

It’s a Need

Who needs ME time? We all do in some way, shape, or form! Some more; others less. You must find the right amount that works for you. Best way to get it? You need to schedule it! While this is the easiest thing to remove when things get crazy, don’t do it!  If you take an hour to yourself, that is 5% of your day. Don’t you deserve at least that?? I know I do. If you need help, get an accountability buddy, schedule it, post about it – whatever you need to do – just do it! 

Know the Difference

With these unprecedented times, even introverts are finding too much alone time. Do not mistake this time for ME time. We love our ME time when we choose to take it. Right now, with social distancing and everything being on lockdown, we are not given the choice. It is no longer ME time but alone time. Again, do not mistake the two. ME time is intentionally choosing to do something we want to do for ourselves. If you are feeling overly lonely, you are not alone with that! I miss my Girls Nights and pool parties. I miss going to see movies and quiet dinners with loved ones. You just need to remind yourself that it is temporary. I know, easier said than done these days as this keeps getting extended. But, this too shall pass, I promise.

I’d love to hear what you do for your ME time. Send me an email or shoot me a message!! Tag me in a post on social using #5keypaths I know you can do this and I absolutely know you deserve it!.

You got this!!