I just finished wrapping up my first ever challenge and let me tell you, I LOVED it! I have been planning on starting my own challenge for a while now because I knew that I wanted to expand on how I could benefit all of you. I wanted to do more than my usual webinars, blog posts, and videos – I wanted something more personal. 

I have to say, wow, this challenge was a lot of work, but I loved every minute of it. So much went into this challenge because I wanted it to come from a place of transparency. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to put all of your struggles and past battles out there on the internet, but yet I do it every single day. I do it for all of you because I know that there are people out there that need to hear they are not alone. Sometimes, when life puts you in a rut, it is so easy to not feel like yourself, not prioritize yourself, and just feel utterly alone. But let me tell you, you’re not alone – not even close! I tried to make this challenge as open and as transparent as possible so every person would know what they are signing up for and what they will get out of it, and I think that I did a pretty good job with it! 

The “Why” Behind My Challenge

Like I mentioned, I have been wanting to do something like this challenge for a long time. I knew that it would be beneficial because I have done all of the things that I put into my challenge. For years, I have been struggling to prioritize myself, pick healthy choices, and adopt a “me” mindset. I honestly didn’t even know what a “me” mindset looked like a few years ago. I was so focused on getting by that I didn’t realize how out of touch I was with myself. This happened for a big chunk of my life until I realized that I cannot keep living like this, and nobody should have to. 

It was hard as hell, I won’t lie to you. Learning to put me first and adopt that “me” mindset is not nearly as easy as it sounds. This was a brand new concept for me. Being able to prioritize yourself is a learning process, it does not happen overnight – it took years of hard work for me. I wanted to give up so many times, but I knew that if I wanted to live a happy and healthy lifestyle for myself and for my family then I needed to do this. 

When developing the idea of this challenge, I knew that I had to be careful about how it came across. The last thing I wanted was for my challenge to come across as some six-day life changing hack that will turn you into this vibrant, happier person. Obviously, who wouldn’t want that, but the truth is that it takes work! That change does not happen in six days. So instead, I chose to take the route of developing a challenge to provide you all with daily habits, and tools to guide you on that journey of becoming the best you. 

My first goal was to introduce new concepts to all of you like having a “me” mindset and prioritizing yourself. I wanted to be here to help guide all of you through the process of adopting a “me” mindset, and I knew that it was also a brand new concept for others when starting this challenge, so I needed to start simple. Even if this was not a new concept for some, I found that many people needed to know how to implement this concept to their life. There is such a big difference in understanding you need to make a change and prioritize your life and actually doing it. Time and time again, I have found that individuals, like myself, will be on top of their shit for a few weeks or even months and then go right back into a slump. When it really comes down to it, that was the point of my challenge. I wanted to give everyone the tools and advice to make prioritization a lifelong plan. 

My entire challenge took place over the course of six days and I must say, it was a success! I truly believe that the attendees took some great tips on gaining a “me” mindset and HOW to implement that going forward. I also have to add, I think I learned a lot from this challenge and from all of the attendees as well! I learned so many people want more for themselves, but just don’t know how to take the first steps. Even after supporting others so much, we still feel selfish in finding time for ourselves. I know this group has the tools they need to reach the life they deserve and how to recharge themselves. I can’t wait to hear their success stories!

It is so easy to overlook the importance of your health and your life. We get caught up in everyday tasks that seem to mean the world, when in reality they may not matter at all. If I have learned anything after all of these years of coaching people, it is that you need to choose healthy habits and most importantly choose YOU every damn day. 

Live Life On Your Own Terms,