Michelle Sukow tells you how to replace your old habits with new goals.

This week is the last blog in my series on out with the old, in with the new. One of the most important parts of clearing the way for a happier and more focused future is taking a look at your old (maybe bad) habits, ditching them, and setting new goals for yourself. Today, I’m going to share how I do that. Take notes, because after you read this blog you’ll want to replace old habits with new goals, too!

Review Your Habits

At the end of the year, I like to go over my Gratitude Journal and my planner and review everything that’s happened. I look at everything I’ve accomplished and what habits I developed, on purpose or not, over the year. 

Some of the habits are great and valuable to me. But some of the ones I’ve fallen into aren’t productive or didn’t get me the results I wanted. So, when I see a habit that isn’t serving me well, I know I need to toss it. I stop doing it. 

So, whether you look back on your calendar, planner, journal, or wherever you keep track of your life, go over your habits and where they’ve gotten you. Get rid of the ones that aren’t working for you. 

Set New Goals

Now that you’ve kicked those bad habits to the curb, I want you to replace them with goals for yourself. By creating new goals, you’ll also make plans for how you’re going to achieve those goals. And, when you’re making those plans, you’re setting up new processes and (hopefully) adopting new habits for yourself.

You can replace old habits with new goals whenever you want to. Don’t ever think you have to wait until the end of the year to do so! As for me, I like to look at these things quarterly, and then definitely at the end of the year. It helps me ensure that the choices I make are supporting my best life. Because if they’re not, why keep going with them?

Michelle Sukow tells you how to pivot with a grateful mindset.

Setting new goals gives you something to look forward to. Putting plans into motion for them makes you more likely to achieve those goals. Plus, goals are motivating! Let them inspire you, and maybe even do some fun things. If you need help setting goals and sticking to them, be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter. I share lots of tips and advice for creating the life you want.

And hey, the great thing about goals vs. resolutions is that if something changes or you get off track, you can always restart them. Take a break if you have to. If you feel like what you’re doing isn’t getting you where you want to go, pivot and find a new way.

My New Goals

I got rid of some unproductive habits from last year, and I’m excited to start working toward my new goals. Want a peek at what they are? Let’s take a look:

Using a Digital Planner

So, you know me – I love my paper planner! Writing in it and looking back at my life is something I enjoy. But, there are things my paper planner just can’t do for me that a digital planner can. My digital planner sends me reminders and notifications and makes it super easy to update and change plans. It has all sorts of fun tricks! 

Block Scheduling

I’m new to block scheduling, but scheduling my life this way is my goal because I think it will be a game-changer for me. I’ve never block scheduled because I’ve always just arranged my day however it felt right. 

With block scheduling, I’m setting aside specific hours every day to work on my different businesses and projects. And with my digital planner, I can move my schedule as I need to and get reminders of what’s coming up. Wish me luck with block scheduling! I’m excited to see how it goes.

This month’s topic for my blog and social media is out with the old and in with the new. So, in the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing some of the ways I’ve gotten rid of old and sometimes toxic things in my life.

Tracking My Tasks

I’m a numbers girl, guys. Everything I do has to do with numbers. So, I’m starting to track my tasks and, by blocking out my schedule, I can look back and measure my return on investment for the time I spend. I think this will be another game-changing goal for me. It will help me see where I’m spending time that’s worth it and where I’m wasting time on things that don’t give me the return I want.

Being More Spontaneous 

Something kind of exciting, but also kind of scary for me, is my goal of being more spontaneous. I’m a planning addict. I plan absolutely everything. I like to have a schedule and know what’s coming up. This year, I was invited to participate in some spontaneous activities, and I enjoyed them so much. So, I will try not to plan everything and leave some flexibility in my schedule for unexpected things. 

Being more spontaneous kind of freaks me out because it’s so new to me, but I’m excited! There’s a bit of a natural high for me that comes from doing things on the fly. We’ll see where this goal goes. It should be fun. 


I would love to hear which of your habits you’re ready to say, “Bye!” to, and what new goals you’re going to replace them with. I love the emails you all send me, so keep them coming!

And as we close the door on this month’s out with the old, in with the new theme, I want to know: Which of my tips have been most helpful to you? Did you refresh your office for a more positive mindset? Did you change your routines and try new strategies? If you have any questions or want to learn more about any of this month’s topics, drop me a line! I’m always here.

Live your best life,