Michelle Sukow knows it's never too late to restart in your life.

Here on my blog this month, I’m talking about why it’s never too late to create the life you want. I know that people often feel stuck where they’re at on their journey. They’ve been living their lives a certain way for so long, they think, “I might as well keep going. I’m too old to start over now.” 

Do you want to make a change in your relationships or your career? Are you lost in a cycle of repeating the same choices and habits over and over again? Are you unsure how to get off of that merry-go-round? 

I’ve been there, and I can help you. I’m here to tell you that it’s never too late to restart in any area of your life. 

It’s Never Too Late to Restart Your Career

Professionally, it’s pretty common for people to feel like it’s too late to make changes as they get older. They don’t necessarily hate their job, but they’re not motivated and passionate about their work. When you’ve been doing the same thing for 20 years, you might feel like it’s too late to start over, and you settle. “I’m 50. I might as well stick it out.” But why stay with a job that doesn’t satisfy you?! Use your experience and knowledge to find a career that inspires you. 

It’s Never Too Late to Set New Goals

It’s never too late to set new goals. A prime example: 2020 hasn’t exactly been the best year for a lot of people. It’s already November, and I haven’t accomplished many of the goals I set for the year. I’m sure a lot of us haven’t. 

Sometimes I’m hard on myself about letting this year’s goals go, but you know what? I’m giving myself a break because I’ve had to pivot a lot this year. And while the changes I’ve made aren’t necessarily in support of my original goals, I’ve set new goals as I’ve pivoted. This year, I accomplished some important things. I changed my path, and I set new goals along the way.

Michelle Sukow knows that it's never too late to set new goals or restart old ones.

It’s Never Too Late to Restart Old Goals

One of my journeys in life is fitness, and this year, I took a break from it. I had a lot going on, and I had to prioritize my time. Fitness is something I put on the backburner. And, yea, it’s November, but I’m restarting my fitness journey because it’s important to me. 

Fitness is something I value. It helps me both physically and mentally. So, I’m restarting my fitness-related goals, and I’m proud of myself for doing that. I don’t care that it’s the end of the year or that I’m not where I wanted to be on my journey at this point. That’s okay! A lot of our goals got derailed this year. I don’t judge anyone who’s had to set goals aside, and I’m certainly not judging myself. The important thing is I’m restarting my fitness goals, and I’m proud of that.

It’s Never Too Late to Give Thanks

November is the month of Thanksgiving, and many of us will be focusing on gratitude. But, you know me, I focus on gratitude year-round! Later this month, as we talk about Thanksgiving and being grateful, I’ll be sharing things I’m grateful for and why it’s never too late. Soon, I’ll tell you about some of my new goals – they’re pretty fun, and I’m excited to dive in on them. I’m grateful that I get to do new things that make me so happy. 

Plus, did you know Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday?? I’m a foodie. I. Love. Food. And my mother is a fantastic cook. So, I love spending the holiday with my family and eating! 


I’m so excited to share more on my theme of “It’s Never Too Late” with all of you. You can start, or restart, any area of your life.. You can pivot, set new goals, reinvigorate old ones, and shape the path to being your best you.

Live your best life,