I don’t know about you, but almost every single day I see some social media post about creating a healthy work/life balance. I think this has become such a key talking point because people are starting to realize that it is a necessity. We see too often people get burned out from their job, complaining that they never get to spend time with their significant others, or not getting enough family time. Or simply just not having enough time to focus on anything besides work. This is not how it should be. 

Now, finding a work/life balance is not easy – that is why it is a problem for so many – but it is very possible to create separation from work and your personal life. I used to struggle with the idea of a work/life balance, but I don’t anymore! It took me a couple of years to truly figure out the meaning of what having a work/life balance is and how I wanted it to look in my own life. Finding this balance takes a couple of tools – let me share them with you. 


I believe that small business owners in particular have trouble with trust. They are involved in the everyday aspects of their company, their employees, their clients, and it can be overwhelming. It kind of feels like you are trying to hold up a mountain by yourself at times if you don’t have trust. So… what do I mean by this? 

If you are going to own a business – you MUST have trust in yourself and your employees. Trust that collectively you and your team have one common goal in mind – the company succeeding. If the company can succeed, so do you and so do your employees. And if it succeeds – you will be able to experience growth in other areas of your life such as your family and personal life, and you can finally find that work/life balance. If you can place trust in your team, you can keep your business running like a smooth well-oiled machine. 

Take it from me, I am running a 24/7 business and I have FULL trust in my team to keep this business going and running smoothly. Obviously not everyone can actually be available 24/7 – we need sleep and time to recoup, but I have trust in my team that things are going okay without me and that they know what they are doing. Trust that you have the same goals for the company, the same work ethic, and the same vision. I know for a fact that I can have a successful team, business, and life if I have trust and loyalty.  

Gather a Great Team 

This goes for small business owners, big companies, small internal teams – whatever it is that you do – you need a great team! If you have a great team working for you, you are confident in their abilities, and you know they are loyal, then creating that separation from work will be much easier. It is hard to separate from work when you feel like you are all on your own. It is stressful and overwhelming. If you have a team that can help put your mind at ease and tell you that you’re not alone, then separating your mind from work should be easier. Having a fantastic team creates a safety net for you to fall back on.

Creating Seasons 

Honestly, I don’t believe in creating a completely equal work/life balance – I believe in creating a healthy one. For me, I think that work/life balance comes in waves. Winter is my busiest season, and for others summer is their busiest season, and that’s okay. When I know that winter is around the corner and I am about to get swamped, I prepare for it so when the time comes, I am not completely overwhelmed by all the work on my plate. This has been a great tool for separating work from my personal life. 

Make conscious decisions to create the environment where you are able to separate from work. Create a conscious effort to have someone available that can be in control when you want to go to dinner or take a walk – whatever it may be that allows you to separate yourself. 

Being confident in your business, your team, and yourself is key. Trust me, I have put these skills in place in my own business and I feel a huge weight off my shoulders. Even when running a 24/7 business, I feel that I can separate from work. It is hard and it can be stressful, but if you have confidence, trust, and you make a conscious effort to do so, you can create that healthy work/life balance. 

Live Life on Your Own Terms, 

Michelle Sukow