Taking the Plunge and Jumping Off an Airplane

Call me crazy, but with a slight fear of heights, I still went skydiving this past weekend. Like climbing a ladder or climbing a tree wouldn’t have done the trick for me? LOL! Just before the world went crazy and the pandemic hit, one of my best friends gave me a journal – a bucket list journal. I don’t believe it was so much about the bucket list, but more to help me get through a tough time. I must admit, I absolutely LOVE that I get to check this one off my list! She made it clear when we made our lists that she wasn’t going with me on that one! I talked to my brother, and he gave me a suggestion for doing it. However, then COVID hit and everything stopped. I truly didn’t think that I was going to be able to do it. I was 3 years older and definitely not in as good of shape as I was when I added this to my list. I was now a Nana and if something went wrong, I didn’t want to miss out on all of his milestones and memories. I could find a million reasons NOT to do it. However, I honestly didn’t want one more thing to regret in life. I knew if I skipped out that I would.

When my brother and my sister said they wanted to do it, I jumped at the chance. I really didn’t know who would ever do it with me. I’m glad it was scheduled fast because remember those millions of reasons not to? I didn’t want those to win! I was super excited up until 2 days before. Fear was starting to creep in…..

It’s now or never!

When the morning arrived, the weather was pretty iffy. I remember feeling slightly relieved that it might be postponed. I also remember feeling scared that the weather might mess with the jump – should I really be doing this right now? My life is really dang good right now. I’m rockin’ this midlife like a champion. Why mess with that? Once I got there and saw the small planes… My heart went into my throat. My sister said, “Oh boy… these are smaller than the ones you were pissed about on our trip to California!” After I signed my life away on forms and got my training video done, I was surprisingly not as nervous as I thought I was going to be. Now, that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t scared as he##. I was! I’m pretty sure I looked like a deer in headlights all morning…

After some more training and getting my jumpsuit on, I was just going through the motions and trying to remember everything they told me to do. As we made our way to the VERY TINY planes, the crew was making sure there was a window for our jump to happen. Once on the plane, there was no going back! And I don’t remember ever thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do it once the wheels left the ground.

My excitement just kept building. I watched the ground get farther and farther away. When it was time, I was attached to my tandem jumper (who, by the way, was amazing and helpful and reduced most of my stress) and we were in the jump position. When my sister left the plane, I was excited to get my turn! That foot out the door and the dive was an amazing feeling! We were in the clouds and then – boom – we were freefalling. It was epic! While I am 100% thrilled the chute went out as it was supposed to, I didn’t like the jolt. But what a view… There were storms in Madison that we watched on the left and when we looked to the right, we had a full view of the sunny sky. The landscape from above is amazing. I was going to say it was to die for, but my feet weren’t even close to the ground – why gamble? Right?

We did some spins that left my stomach in my chest, but I loved every minute of it. After we landed, I was so happy to have my feet on the ground and not a single thing broken! Ha! I have some pretty major events coming up, and I didn’t want to do them on crutches. I loved seeing the smiles on my brother and sister’s faces and everyone who was there watching! When we made it back to base, that’s when I heard they ceased flying until the weather was clear… WOW. We had just made it in a very small window. I’m not certain I like thinking about that part, but I am eternally thankful for it.

This was definitely something outside of my comfort zone! I am beyond proud of myself for doing it anyways! Will I do it again? Heck yeah! Just not anytime soon…

Keep living your best life!