Michelle Sukow celebrates every step of her journey to her endgame.

I have to say that talking about success this month sure was more fun than spilling my guts and sharing my struggles! But it’s really important for me to share the tough stuff with you, so you know you’re not alone and that we all go through challenges, just like we all have successes. 

In this last post in my series on success, I’m exploring the idea of an endgame, and why it’s so important to celebrate every win on your journey to success.

What’s Your Endgame?

Sometimes people ask me, “What’s your endgame?” You might be surprised to hear I actually steer away from focusing on one thing when it comes to my endgame. I worry that if I work toward one giant accomplishment, I’m going to spend time trenching, only to feel exhausted when it’s over with. 

Instead, I create a variety of goals for myself, set smaller ones to help me stay on track, and celebrate my successes along the way. Sometimes those successes are big and sometimes they’re small, and we need to recognize the small ones! Those little wins are what keep us moving forward.

Celebrating success isn’t something I used to do. Like, not at all. If I managed to achieve one of my goals, I never really celebrated it. It always felt like I was climbing and climbing, never relishing the happiness of getting something done.

As you work toward whatever your endgame might be – what you want to accomplish for YOU – I want you to take the time to stop and celebrate your wins. You’ve kicked ass, and you deserve it! When you start climbing again, it’s not so bad, because you won’t be as overwhelmed and exhausted from constantly climbing.

Enjoying the Journey

I’m a goal setter, always have been. For me, deciding on a bigger goal or main objective, and then setting small goals to get there lets me enjoy the journey a lot more. As I work on each of my smaller goals, that endgame doesn’t look so far away. I celebrate my successes, enjoy the process, and embrace the experience for what it is. 

Goal setting is how Michelle Sukow makes sure she is making progress to her endgame.

Once I reach that bigger goal, I set more goals. Sometimes, I don’t even wait to accomplish one goal before setting new goals! That way, once I achieve my main objective, I’ve already laid the groundwork for what I’ll focus on next. 

On any given day, my big goals might not even be that “big.” They can be as simple as wanting to eat properly for a whole week. My smaller goals throughout the week are making a meal plan, shopping for the ingredients, preparing my food, and giving myself time to enjoy eating. The main goal might not be huge, but it’s MY big goal for the week. It’s all part of my endgame. And you bet I’ll give myself a high five as I check off each step… and maybe enjoy some cake to celebrate!

Be Your Biggest Cheerleader!

We’re always hardest on ourselves. We’re our own worst enemies and criticize ourselves too much,  when we need to be our biggest cheerleaders! I’m so much more satisfied with where I am now, versus before when I never took the time to pat myself on the back. It’s so different for me now that I celebrate my successes: I’m happier, I feel more relaxed, and I’m at peace. Now that I celebrate every step along the way, every goal accomplished is reaching my endgame.

Signing Off

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this month’s blogs about success, because they’ve been a lot of fun for me to create. After going through shitty, dark times, it feels great to be here now. Quite honestly, I wake up every day feeling thankful. I know I can overcome obstacles easier than before. I’m able to share support more freely and honestly, because I’ve had tough times. When I’m teaching or helping someone, I know that it can be done, because I did it… and you can do it, too.

Live life on your terms,