Gratitude journaling has played such a big role in me creating my best life that I made my own Gratitude Journal to share with you all.

Of all the ways I’ve grown and changed over the past few years, starting gratitude journaling is one of the most significant and impactful things I’ve done for myself. Gratitude journaling has played such a big role in me creating my best life that I made my own Gratitude Journal to share with you all.

Now, you probably know I’m not one to push my products on anyone. But when it comes to my Gratitude Journal, I have to tell you about it. That’s because I know that if you use it the way I do, you’ll get the same benefits from gratitude journaling that I have. So, today, I’m sharing how gratitude journaling became the key to my personal and professional success.

Why I Started Gratitude Journaling

A few years ago, I was at a really low point in my life. My marriage was ending, I had an unclear path ahead of me, and I wasn’t sure of what I wanted my life to look like. I wasn’t happy with where my life was, and I wanted a change. I needed something to pull me out of my negative mindset. 

When I spoke with my doctor, they recommended that every day, I write down five things I was grateful for. Writing in a gratitude journal retrained my brain to focus on the good and positive things in my life. In time, I found that establishing a routine for writing in my journal was helpful. Every night, I started writing down three or more things I was thankful for that day.

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At first, I would write down predictable gratitude, like being thankful for my kids and my pets. But I started challenging myself to look at the positives in different areas of my life. I realized I was grateful for feeling strong, for example, for putting in 20 years of business and still being here despite all my challenges.

Gratitude journaling became a hugely important part of my life. My next step was finding the right gratitude journal for me.

Creating My Gratitude Journal

When I started my brand, I knew that a gratitude journal would be the first product I shared with all of you. Gratitude journaling is a practice that I 100% believe in and stand behind. It made such significant changes in how I live my life, and adopting that practice is the absolute best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I wanted others to be able to do the same and enjoy the same benefits and life-changing results.

Back when I first started writing in gratitude journals, the habit didn’t stick, because I struggled to find the right journal for me. I tried a few and explored different layouts and formats. Each one I purchased had an element I liked, and by trying out several, I learned that certain features were more important to me than others.

So, when I created my Gratitude Journal, I made sure to include these components:

Weekly Quotes

Inside my Gratitude Journal, each week begins with an uplifting quote. These quotes are some of my absolute favorites, because they motivate and inspire me. Using my journal, you start your week with a reminder to live with a grateful mindset.

Spaces for Gratitude

Each week in my Gratitude Journal has seven spaces for you to write down what you are grateful for each day. Personally, I like to use one space per day, but you can use those spaces however you’d like to record your gratitude throughout the week.

Along with the spaces are prompts for you to think of things you’re grateful for, such as “Ways I Felt Strong Today,” or “Relaxing Moments I Had.” That way, instead of defaulting to obvious sources of gratitude like family and or your job, you can extend your thinking to other areas of your life.

I’m a firm believer that it’s the good, little things every day that add up to a happy life. I wanted my Gratitude Journal to help you find those positives. Each day, when you write in the journal, think of the little things that touched your heart that day or made you step back and appreciate what you have. For me, the little things might be anything from taking a walk with my sister to backing into my garage on the first try (Ha!). 

Weekly Reflection

At the end of each week in the Gratitude Journal, there is a section for your Weekly Reflection. That’s where you can look back on good moments throughout the week, and pick four or five positives to list. 

Notes Section

A Notes section was important for me to include in my journal because it’s important to leave room for your thoughts and intentions. This is the space where I might write down a way I grew that week, or something I overcame. I like to use the Notes section to recognize what I’ve done and celebrate my accomplishments. 

Your Custom Section

I included a blank section for each week so that you can make it what you want or need it to be in your gratitude practice. As you go about writing in your Gratitude Journal every day, you’ll find that there are things that emerge in your practice that you want to write down. 

Maybe it’s something you find yourself reflecting on often, or gratitude goals you are setting for yourself. Use that blank section as a space for your creativity and ideas. 

Looking Back

One of my favorite aspects of writing in my Gratitude Journal is that it becomes a sort of diary of all the good things in my life. I intentionally made it an undated journal, so that you can use it over and over again. I’m on my fourth Gratitude Journal now, and in essence, I’m creating a small library of all the positives in my life! 

In fact, gratitude journaling is better than writing in a diary, because it’s focusing solely on the good. I love looking back on all my weekly reflections in each journal and seeing just how wonderful my life is.

How To Get Started With Gratitude Journaling

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Ready to get started with gratitude journaling? Here are three things to remember:

  1. Establish a routine for journaling. Consistency is key! The more you do, the more it becomes a habit. Gratitude journaling will train your brain to focus on the positives. I know that when I consistently write in my Gratitude Journal, it’s easier it is for me to focus on the good.
  2. Reflection is essential to your gratitude practice. Especially on your hard days, going back and looking at the positives in your life will help you to move out of a negative headspace much, much faster.
  3. Keep going! If you lose motivation or interest in gratitude journaling, you’ve just gotta keep doing it. Make writing in your Gratitude Journal a priority, and you’ll find that adopting a positive mindset starts coming naturally.

Ready for Your Gratitude Journal?

Writing in my Gratitude Journal is essential to my success, at work and in my personal life. I want you to experience the same life-changing realizations and growth that I have with gratitude journaling. That’s why I created a Gratitude Journal I know will help you get there!

If you have questions about gratitude journaling or how it can help you create your best life, I’m all ears! Send me an email at, or connect with me on social media. 

If you’re ready to create a positive mindset and start living a happier life, you can order your Gratitude Journal today. I’d love to hear how gratitude journaling makes a difference for you!

Live your best life,