I absolutely love my tribe! I don’t know what I would do or be without them. They mean SO MUCH to me.

My tribe is small, strong, compassionate, powerful, and badass! When I think of everything I’ve been through, it’s because of this crew that I am where I am today.

So, how did I find my tribe? 

My tribe is a mix of family, friends, and peers from the industry that became friends. It’s taken me years to create this wonderful, loyal group.

My tribe consists of my sisters and my cousins who are like sisters to me. They’re my best friends. Some of my friends I’ve had for many years, as much as thirty years! One of my friends, I call her my angel, I’ve known since fourth grade. And my peers that became friends, well, it took a while before we became close friends but now, I know that I can depend on them.

How Do You Know Who You Want in Your Tribe?

In the past, I’ve made friends based on the other person’s energy, how positive they are, and how motivated they are to grow as a person. I’m attracted to introverts as I don’t really want to go out all the time. 

It’s only after time with your friends that you find out who should be in your tribe or inner circle. I knew who was in my tribe after my life went through rough times. It’s unfortunate, but after you have a really rough time, you find out who your real friends are. Some people will just bail. They just don’t know how to handle rough times or how to be supportive. 

Time Will Help You Determine Your Tribe

Some of your friends will still be there for you, but they may be limited in what they feel comfortable with or how to show they care during those times. It’s the friends who show up and will sit in silence with you if you need that then you know you have tribe material.

Honestly, it’s a trial by fire situation finding your tribe. I don’t know a way around that one. Because now, I know that I am safe with my tribe. I know that if I need one of my best friends, there’s nothing that would stop them from helping me any way they can. And I know that I would do exactly the same for them.

You Should Feel Safe and Supported by Your Tribe… Unconditionally

Your tribe will be there for you as much and as often as needed without counting how many times or what they did for you. And I won’t ever tally up what I’ve done for them. It’s just being there in good and bad times.

I think that is probably the most important part of a tribe. It’s knowing that you can be exactly who you are with your friends and you’re safe. Safe from judgment and safe from any further harm. Knowing they will give you exactly what you need to hear, and you can trust that it is meant for your highest good.

Parting Thoughts

I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for all my best friends. They’ve seen me through the roughest times and supported me. I’m in awe of my friendships and know that I’m very lucky and blessed to have them in my life!

Live Life On Your Own Terms!