Michelle Sukow celebrates every success, big and small.

I used to think that a picture of success was this big, corporate person. A ladder climber who reached the top, had an amazing husband or wife, two kids, a white picket fence… you know. I think that’s what we’ve been taught success looks like. But that doesn’t have to be what success is for you.

Success looks different for everyone. For some, it might be buying their first house or car. For others, it could be teaching their child to tie their shoes. Maybe it’s walking away from a bad relationship and finding happiness. There are all kinds of successes, and you should be proud of yours. Make your own path, and when you reach your accomplishments, celebrate them! Follow your heart and think about what success means to YOU.

Set lots of goals for yourself, and you’ll find success in many things you do. Continue to strive for YOUR best, and the areas you want to improve in your life, not what anyone else wants for you.

Today I’m going to share what success looks like in my life. My path to success definitely hasn’t been a straight one. It hasn’t been a straight staircase, with one step after another. You should see the crisscrossing, circling line that is my path. Maybe you’ll be like me, and take steps backward, and make wrong turns. Just know that when you get there, you’ll be happy for the successes you have.

My Greatest Success

The most important success in my life is the relationships I have with my children. I mean… they’re GREAT people, and it makes me so proud. Both of them are good, caring, grown-up people. They’re motivated, and each of them is successful in their own right. For me, they’re what I’m most proud of in my life. 

A Successful Business

From a business standpoint, my success is running a company that’s doing well. And, doing it with gratitude and positivity. I’ve created a healthy working environment, which has been my main focus these last few months, and moved away from some of the ways we did things in the past. The fact that everyone is on board and willing to change for the better, well, feels like a huge success. I’m really proud of my employees. I love their excitement about where we can go from here. They take pride in their work, help each other, and make work a really great place to be. That’s success to me, and I’m proud of that.

Success for my Brand

Another area of success that I’m really proud of is my brand. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a pretty private person: I don’t share much of my personal life, and I have a pretty small circle. But I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, talked about my challenges, and shared my successes to encourage people to get unstuck in their lives. This brand I’ve created supports people so they can live a life of happiness, gratitude, and positivity. Because I’ve shared my story, people see that it can be done. No matter how hard of a situation you’re in, you can get to a better place. 

It makes me proud to stand up, speak to people about my experiences, and have private chats and coaching sessions with them. Nothing gives me greater joy than to finish a speech and see the look on people’s faces: that look of “what, she did it. This is where she was, this is what she went through, and this is where she is now.” I love giving people hope, and being able to do that is a huge success in itself.

I hope that sharing these successes with you helps you see that success comes in many shapes and forms. Your successes are YOURS, don’t measure them by other people’s accomplishments, or where you think you should be. Keep setting goals in every area of your life and celebrating every success, big or small. And when you do, tell me about it! I’d love to cheer you on. 

Live life on your terms,