It started three years ago…

Back then, I was restless with my life. I was running multiple, successful businesses, but it just wasn’t what I was passionate about. While I enjoyed what I was doing at the time, obviously, because I’m still doing it, I just couldn’t quench this need to be doing more. I needed a pivotal moment.   

My children were grown and living their own lives. So, I had time to find myself and figure out what made Michelle happy. When I thought about it, helping people in one way or another is what I do in each of my businesses. It’s definitely something I am passionate about. 

Over 15 years ago, I started getting involved in our industry by joining associations and eventually serving on many committees and boards. I did a couple of talks at a few conferences and some of my peers told me that I should consider speaking publicly as a profession. 

Originally, I laughed because getting up in front of hundreds of people wasn’t a walk in the park for me. Yet, the more I did it, the more I loved it. Business — I could talk about that all day long and I had practice doing it for almost 20 years. I was fluent in many techniques that small to medium-sized businesses needed to learn to be successful and could relate to. When working with others, I was especially drawn to women-owned businesses because I wanted to see them all succeed. I still do!  

My Pivotal Moment

So, after a year of planning, Girl Talk She Means Business came to life and launched in April of 2018. I was beyond excited about this new venture. I did a few speaking engagements and was working on building out my website and social media platforms. However, it took me a bit longer than I wanted to get it all running. 

As my website was finally coming together in April of 2019, my personal life took a drastic right turn. I ended my 27-year marriage and filed for divorce. “Difficult days ahead” was an understatement (more on that in future blogs). 

As I traversed the road of divorce, I made some huge mistakes and learned valuable lessons. I grew in ways I never knew was possible. I took some wrong paths but righted my way. But the most important thing I learned was life after relationships (especially divorce) can be very isolating and lonely until you figure out how to get back in the driver’s seat. 

In the end, I experienced a lot of struggles and learned how to rebuild my life. 

Sharing My Journey

Why would I keep all of that to myself? Helping those who were struggling became my passion! Later that year I launched the brand Michelle Sukow. Through my blog, my social media, and my speaking engagements, I’m sharing my secrets, what helped me, what I learned, and so much more. 

It’s not just about business anymore! I share how practicing gratitude guided me to lead a more positive and meaningful life. Time management practices helped me run multiple businesses and cultivate a well-balanced life. This is just the start! 

We Are In This Together

It was important to me to provide you with resources for your own journey. I launched my website. After years of writing down my gratitude, I created my own gratitude journal. My social media platforms were up and running! Everything came together faster and with more passion. Can you say “beyond excited”? This was it! 

I’m here for the ups and downs. Why? Because we all still have them and why should we go through them alone? Why not learn from my wins and my mistakes?  I’m here for the long haul. I got you just like you already have me. My followers are my anchor and my sails!  

I’m so excited that you have joined me on this fantastic journey. We are in this together! If you find value in what I offer you, please share my blogs, posts, and newsletters. This allows me to reach more people who may need my inspirations, stories, and lessons! You will be helping people find their pivotal moment who I may never get the chance to meet. 

This is exactly where I was meant to be, and I am beyond blessed to be sharing this journey with you. The best is yet to come!

Live Life On Your Terms


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