Everywhere I look – in blogs, articles, social media posts – there’s somebody telling you about morning routines for successful people. It makes you think you have to be a morning person to be successful. Well, I’m successful and I am NOT a morning person.  

I have tried more than once to be a morning person. I changed my routine, got up early, and got right to my to-do list. I will agree that when I did get up early, I was able to accomplish many things before my day started. I was mostly “awake” and my mind was fresh. 

I don’t disagree with what people say about morning routines. They are awesome. But listen, we are not all morning people and we shouldn’t feel unsuccessful because we feel differently. 

We shouldn’t feel less than just because we chose to sleep in.  

I’m Just Not a Morning Person

Just so you know, I’m not out partying until the wee hours either. Let’s be honest, I am usually tucked in bed by 10 pm (or fast asleep on the couch.) I’m here to tell you that just because you are not a morning person doesn’t mean you can’t have a smooth morning routine. 

I always have the best intentions for getting up an hour earlier than usual to get some extra things done. I try to fall asleep at a decent time to sway the odds in my favor of getting up early. It doesn’t matter though. I just hit the snooze twice and then stop it and fall back asleep until my original alarm goes off. I hit snooze twice again and then get up. Every time. The struggle is real for me!  

I will say that when it is light out in the morning, the odds go up greatly. I love getting up in the summer when the daylight starts early. Winter…not so much.  There isn’t much about winter in Wisconsin that I like. Dark and cold…yuck.

So how do I make sure that my mornings go as smoothly as they can? I PLAN AHEAD!  

Not a Morning Person? Plan Ahead!

It’s easier for me to stay up a little later than wake up early. I will pack my bag the night before and put it on the table. Picking out the clothes I want to wear ahead of time and having them in the bathroom waiting for me helps a lot. I have changed my mind a few times…but hey, it’s a women’s prerogative! 

For the days that I go to the gym (I’m on hiatus right now. Something had to give), I will pack my bag the night before, fill my water bottle, and have everything together by the door. It’s just Grab and Go!! 

For those who are lucky, you can shower the night before. Me? Not that lucky! I just feel better showering in the morning. 

There are days I take lunch to work. If that is so, I will pack it the night before and have it ready to grab.  

The more you can plan ahead the night before, the smoother your mornings will be!  By being prepared, I can sleep in longer. That is music to my ears…sleeping in…ahhh. 

Create a Routine

I’ve also found that if you keep your routine consistent, things go much smoother.  I get up and feed my pups. Then, I let them out. I get in the shower and then get dressed. Next, I do my hair and brush my teeth. I remote start my car in the winter. After that, I let the dogs back out again. I get my coat on and gather up my stuff (unless I need my lunch from the fridge.) Finally, I grab the dogs’ treats and head out the door. 

Because I keep this routine, I am rarely behind or forget things. Find your routine! It’s a lifesaver. 

If you want to help yourself create a routine, jot some ideas down or create your to-do list on my notepads.

What About Kids?

This works now because my children are gone and out of the house. But, if you have younger children, this may not be as smooth of a process. Cut yourself some slack because you cannot always control what is happening around you. Meltdowns…lost shoes…lost homework…forgotten instruments…who knows what will be the wrench in this well-oiled machine.  

Just know, if you plan the night before, as much as your life allows, you will be eternally grateful for doing so (especially if your little ones were up during the night.) 

When my children were younger, I made them pack their bags for school the night before. It worked until they got older and “could manage themselves”. Don’t be so hard on yourself if it doesn’t work. We are always a work in progress.  #progressoverperfection 

I’ll Try Being A Morning Person Again

I’m probably going to try and be a morning person again this summer. But until it’s sunny and warm again, I’m going to stay snuggled in bed where it is warm and cozy!  Even my dogs don’t wake early in the winter!

Live life on your terms!


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