Be Just Okay

Everyone always asks, “How are you?” But nobody wants to hear, “I’m okay”.  If you do say you’re okay, they always reply, “Just okay?” So, for the longest time, I would answer, “I’m great!” Even if it wasn’t true. It was just easier. But you know what? I am a constant work in progress so now I say when I am just okay. It’s okay to just be okay.  

We all have those days. I know I certainly do! Who says we need to appeal to the masses and say we are great when we truly are not great? We put so much pressure on ourselves to be better than, stronger than, happier than, when all we should be doing is being content with who and what we are! 

Just do your best. Just be you! I’m just going to just be me. Believe me, you have earned your right to feel how you do. Make no excuses or apologies! 

Everyone has days where we are just meh. Not good. Not bad. Just okay. 

We live in a world that glorifies busy. If we are busy, we are more popular, more successful, and happier. I always felt like I had to rush and be busy to accomplish everything. All that does is lead to stress and overwhelm. Who needs that? Not this girl!

So, I stepped back and stepped away from being so busy all the time. I don’t regret it for a minute! 

Life is Seasonal

I’ve learned that life is seasonal. We have busy seasons. There are relaxing seasons. We have hard seasons. Some seasons we are happy. And you know what?  I’m okay with each of them and take them for what they are!  

I’m okay with the hard season because I know a happy season will be coming. So, if I’m feeling just okay, it means I’m making it. I’ve got this! Maybe I am just okay during a busy time. It means I’m surviving because I know I got this until the relaxing season comes. I don’t have to pretend to always be great and have everything under control. I just need to be me.

I’ve taken a step back from the hustle and grind and couldn’t be happier with my decision. Finally, I have time for me! I have time for my children! There’s time for my family and friends. I worked and worked and worked to build a business that is successful. But it took so much time and energy away from what I really wanted to be doing. 

Now, I take the time. I schedule Me Time into my schedule. I would love to say that it is the first thing I schedule. But, it’s not. It isn’t realistic for me to do that, yet. Every day I schedule an hour just for me. I also leave work at work in the evening. I don’t take it home with me anymore! 

There are still calls and disruptions to deal with but at least that’s all I have to deal with. Now, my evenings are more manageable and I have less burnout. I know that isn’t possible for everyone, especially business owners. 

Tip: If you are considering bringing work home at night… Don’t! It is just added pressure during a time of day you should be focusing on you and/or your families. 

It’s Okay to Just Be Okay

It’s okay that you are not “Super Girl/Guy”. You don’t have to do it all. I’m okay with just doing my best. Sometimes my best means I’m killing it at work. At times, I am killing it at home. Sometimes it is just chilling with my dogs. Some days it’s just practicing self-care. 

I’ve learned my best is all that is expected of me and it is all that I can do.  Worrying about what I can’t do does no one any favors. 

Embrace the season you are in. Embrace the journey you are on. It is entirely okay to just be okay. You’re not settling. It means you are accepting things for what they are. When you are stronger, healthier, or more energized, you can work harder on excellence. Progress over Perfection! We will never be perfect.  But we can excel and be awesome! For now, just be okay with being okay. The rest will come.  

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