I’ve talked to you before about how important the quality of your friends are to your life. I didn’t always know this. I think it’s important to share with you what I’ve learned.

For a long time, I was busy raising a family and running a business while keeping a marriage together. I really didn’t have time to think about my friends. Once, I stopped living for everyone else, I started to realize that I wanted a different kind of life.

Making Positive Changes on Your Own Is Hard

I started out trying to learn more and grow as a person. That’s really hard when your friends aren’t interested in any of that. When friends weren’t supportive, it made it difficult for me to make healthy choices for myself. At first, I didn’t have anyone to show me how to make better choices.

So, I figured out that I needed to remove certain people from my inner circle. As time would go on, I would continue to have to remove people as I started to outgrow the relationship. They weren’t bad people. I just wanted something different for my life.

It’s So Important to Choose the Right Friends to Be Close To

I’ve learned that you are the sum of who you surround yourself with. I learned it by changing my inner circle. Once I cut the drama and chaos out of my life, I felt calmer. Then I began creating supportive friendships and connecting with mentors.

I’ve learned that I need friends who are supportive, encouraging, and motivating. I’m VERY selective now who I allow in my inner circle. And as a result of my getting my inner friends just right, we’ve now grown exponentially more together than we did apart. Now we all help each other out with challenges in life and laugh with each other. We inspire each other daily and as a result, we level up in a way that allows us to grow more quickly.

I struggled for many years getting my inner circle right. I don’t want that for you. You can learn from me. I want to be your mentor and provide you with a group of people that are all wanting to grow, learn and live life on their terms.

I Want to Make It Easy for You

When you have a supportive circle of close friends who are on the same path as you are, it will seem as if there’s nothing you can’t do. It can be hard to find others who are committed to growing. That’s what I want most for you because I know, once you find your tribe, you’ll see how easy creating and achieving goals can be.

Live Life on Your Own Terms… and with help!