I recently saw the above saying on Facebook. I absolutely loved it because I talk A LOT about saying NO when you need to. In fact, at my last Dealing With Overwhelm Challenge, this was something almost everyone struggled with. Guilt and regret creep in when we give a reluctant yes to others when we really don’t want to do it. It often means that we are saying no to ourselves. If you are a people pleaser (yep, I am guilty too!) then it is a double-edged sword. We never want to let others down, but we can’t keep letting ourselves down either.

It is 100% possible to improve your life by saying NO.

Some benefits of saying no include:

  • Having more time to do what’s important to us
  • Increases our focus on projects and commitments that we’re enthused about
  • Gives more control over our life
  • Builds confidence and increases our self-esteem
  • Removes things from our plate

Surprising health benefits of saying no:

  • Decreases stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • Extra time for self-care and relaxation
  • Helps prevent illnesses (migraines, hypertension, digestive issues, etc.)

If It is Not A Heck Yeah- It Should Be A Hell No!

Obviously, there are things we HAVE to do that we probably wouldn’t say HECK YEAH to. Exercise… cleaning… yard work… laundry… caring for others… etc…

This is a reminder that when people keep asking for your free time, or places keep stealing your ability to rest, or things keep taking your space or freedom, it’s time to start saying NO! Creating good boundaries is good for everyone! If you are interested in hearing more in-depth about this and other ways to beat overwhelm, check out my next Dealing with Overwhelm Challenge coming up at the end of January 2023.

Happy “NO”vember!