Michelle Sukow finds power in pivoting throughout 2020.

2020 is a year of pivots. I know it’s been challenging, but I’m choosing to see this year as a year filled with good things. I’m someone who loves change and learning and growing along the way. So while pivoting through 2020 hasn’t been easy, I’ve made the most of it. Here’s how I do it.

Pivoting Into a Pandemic With Grace

One of the best things I’ve done for myself is learning to pivot gracefully. I’ll admit, at times I’ve struggled to accept the need to pivot. But, once I choose a new path, I get the results I’m looking for. I’m learning to pivot faster and welcome new courses of action.

I know a lot of people are struggling with being socially distant this year, and I empathize with them. Luckily for me, I’m an introvert. When social distancing became a way of life, it didn’t phase me one bit. I mean, I’d been training my whole life for that moment! I was excited to see people enjoy the benefits of being alone. Being on your own gives you a chance to decompress, be creative, and live without all the commotion and pressure that comes with socializing. 

Work-Life Pivots

Like a lot of people, I started working from home more often due to the pandemic. I split my time between my house and the office, and it was great. On the days I worked from home, I’d schedule time to do things for my mental health during the day. I took walks with my grandson or went to visit him. I’d go for bike rides or out hiking. I enjoyed things I usually wouldn’t on a workday, and that was fun for me.

At the office, I made a big pivot when it came to my team. I had to rearrange our schedules and adjust everyone’s time due to my business’s lack of income. I didn’t want to furlough anyone, so we had to get creative with scheduling. My team amazed me, and people volunteered days off to manage payroll costs. They cared enough about each other, and about the business, to volunteer that help. It was incredible.

One of the Biggest Pivots in My Life

Recently, one of the most significant pivots in my life happened: I took full ownership of my companies. It wasn’t a planned pivot. I mean, I was enjoying part-time life! But it was amazing to make that change and step forward in a new direction. I’m really proud of myself and everything that I, and my team, have accomplished. There are many good things on the horizon for us, and I’m excited to explore them as the sole owner of my businesses.

Finding the Positives in Our Pivots

Michelle Sukow pivots when life calls for change.
Michelle Sukow pivots when life calls for change.

Look, I know that pivoting through 2020 is overwhelming at times. But, if we choose to focus on the good things coming out of these changes, you’ll start to see the positives. Take homeschooling, for example. I know it’s a struggle for families right now, but think of all the extra time you’re getting with your children that you would otherwise miss. When they’re older, they’ll tell their kids about this experience, and there will be some fun stories to share. 

Living in this environment is making me more empathetic than I used to be. I take precautions, evaluate my choices, and consider how my actions will affect other people. I wear a mask, not because I’m afraid for myself, but I don’t want to pass anything on to someone else. Thinking of it as something I’m doing to save other peoples’ lives makes me more than happy to put a mask on.

Pivoting Forward

Pivoting isn’t always easy, but when you search for the good in those changes, you can find positive ways to look at 2020. Focus on the benefits of shifting paths in your life. It will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and sad.

Now that 2020 is nearly over, I want to hear from you: What pivots have you made on your journey through this year? Send me an email at michelle@michellesukow.com, or tag me on social media when you post with #ThePowerOfThePivot hashtag. I’d love to hear how you’ve pivoted and found the positive in those changes. 

Live your best life,