Running Multiple Businesses

As most of you already know I am a successful multi-passioned business owner. What you don’t know is what that includes. My entrepreneurial journey started 20 years ago when we started our heavy-duty towing and recovery and commercial truck repair businesses. Some days it’s hard to believe I’ve run multiple businesses for 20 years and other days, well, it feels like 50 years. These companies have grown from one to 17 employees and gross a significant amount of money every year.  

More recently, I started another company which is a car wash, quick lube, and laundromat. While we experienced road construction challenges the past couple of years, we are growing. We haven’t hit the marks I wanted to be at these past few years but I am happy with what we achieved so far.  

Almost three years ago, I started Girl Talk She Means Business so I could help others succeed in their business goals. I loved helping other small businesses and entrepreneurs on their journeys and I wanted to share all of my experiences and help others learn from my mistakes. 

A year after getting that business running, my life drastically changed. 

Shifting Purpose with Multiple Businesses

A few years ago, I filed for divorce, survived a toxic marriage, and was healing and learning how to take back control of my life. When I was talking with others about what they were going through, I realized that this was my purpose and passion as well. 

Sharing personal stories, especially my hard ones, was WAY outside my comfort zone since I am a very private person. But I knew in my heart that my gift and my purpose was to help others. So here I am branding Michelle Sukow all day, every day and helping business owners/entrepreneurs! 

My focus is helping those who are dealing with toxic relationships, life post-relationship, midlife fun, starting over and taking back their control! The first group is fun, and I can talk business all day long. But the second group is my passion and I love helping others live their best lives.

The question I get asked all the time is how do you do everything you do? My answer is always, “As best as I can!!” That is all I can do. I’ve learned I cannot do it all, so I stopped trying. 

Tips for Running Your Life

Here are some of the tips that I do to help get as much done as I can efficiently:

  • I’m a planner addict!  I schedule and schedule as much as I can. Yes, it may be a problem!  
  • I use my big ass whiteboard to write down ideas, quotes, and goals and plan my week.  
  • I practice self-care every day. I take some time just for me.  
  • I stay healthy by eating better and exercising when I can.  
  • I have eliminated toxic people from my life and created an amazing inner circle.  

All of this helps because I am not using my time to deal with drama. I am staying healthy instead of being down sick. By having a planner and setting goals, I eliminate the stress of what I need to do. I already know. You can read about these and other tips in my blogs.  You can find them on my website.

I’m here to traverse this journey with you. My goal is through the life experiences that I share, you will find the courage to do the hard things. You will find the strength to take that first most important step. I know you will find peace with what you decide. You will find joy in the little things by living with a grateful heart. There will be some calm in your chaos. Finally, you will love like nobody’s business even if it’s scary. 

Live life on your terms


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