Anytime you make a big change in your life, there are things you have to let go of. It’s a must! You just can’t do it all! When I decided to start this business, I knew I might have to set a few things aside.  

Technically, I didn’t have to give up anything… I chose to. As much as I sometimes feel like I can do it all – *cue the Wonder Woman Theme Song* – I really can’t do it all effectively!

So, when it came to my business goals, I had to make some hard choices so I could get things done. I could do it all okay or I could choose to give up a few things for a while and do it great!  SO, I DID. 

Here’s what I gave up to start my business: 

My social life became almost non-existent! 

For a while, I lived like a hermit. Believe me, the introverted side of me was in heaven! Any free time I had was spent creating content and more content. I was getting my shopping done online and having it delivered. Once my friends told me that they were going to send search and rescue after me, I started to add in some social time again. But the content was king for a while. 

I chose to spend my money on product and marketing instead of nights out!  

I still went out…. I just made sure when I said yes it was more important to me than marketing my business. Family is a priority! I will always choose dinner out with loved ones. We all need that in our lives. However, I did limit the number of nights out.

I don’t watch much tv anymore and write content instead!  

Let’s be honest, I do still occasionally binge on my Law and Order: SVU! But, I’ve found when I remove the distractions (like tv), I am more focused and can accomplish my goals sooner! 

I have taken a sabbatical from working out at the gym so I can get my business where I want it.

This was the most painful one for me to give up. I absolutely loved going to class and working out. However, by not going to a gym, it saved me two hours a day. So, split the difference and I use my treadmill at home, for now. I can’t wait to get back to class though!

Sacrifices are worth it! 

Look, we all have the same number of minutes in a day. It’s how we choose to use them that makes all the difference. I’m not saying you must give anything up to start a business.  However, for me, I was already running three other businesses, so something had to give – at least for a while until I had everything flowing how I wanted it. 

During this time, I never felt like I was missing out or lacking anything. I was pursuing my passion! When you love what you do, it never feels like work! I’m lucky; I know it!  

My kids are grown, so I had the time. Check back for another blog about starting my first business – a 24/7 business – while raising two active children and running a household. I most definitely did not always do it right. However, I did do my best and I learned a whole lot along the way to where I am now. Win-win! 

Now, I’m going to get back to enjoying my time in Hawaii now and living my best life!


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