You have all heard me over and over again talk about how my home has been my sanctuary since my divorce. Once all the chaos was gone, I fell in love with it more than ever. I was safe there. I found peace in my environment that I never had before. Every morning when I looked out the window, the view was almost bewitching. The birds singing and the fox playing left you in a state of playfulness. The sun would shine in to warm and energize you. On the warm days, the pool would call you in for a swim or the hammock would pull you in for a moment of relaxation in the shade. The woods wrapped you in privacy and serenity. When my head wasn’t so clouded, I found the simple joys in life. I was truly blessed to be there. It was such an unyielding sense of feeling safe again and something I very much needed. When the world around me was in disarray, I knew I would find peace when I returned home.  

Fast forward to today… I realized after moving that safe for me is no longer just a place. I have cultivated my environment into a safe space to be. That means I am safe to be myself around the people in my life. I’ve created an inner circle that manifests gratefulness and positivity. Truth and trust are the key values of my tribe. I am very purposeful in who I invite into my space. There is just no room for drama and chaos in my life anymore. I control what I can because there are plenty of challenges beyond my control in business and in life that I do have to deal with. The places I go are places I enjoy being in and I feel comfortable in. If it doesn’t serve me, I leave. It’s just that simple. The activities I participate in are full of growth and opportunity. If it doesn’t bring good things into my space, I don’t do it. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t have a lot of time to waste anymore! I am very intentional in what I do and what I bring into my life. By doing this, I have created an environment where I can grow and feel safe. I’m living my best life! Every night the sun sets, I am content and at peace. When I lay my head down, I know it’s exactly where it should be. What are you going to do today to create your space?

Keep Living Your Best Life!