If you’re one of those people who survive on just a few hours of sleep every night, I’ve got some news for you. You can’t keep skimping on your sleep and think that you will continue to make good decisions, stay focused, and be productive.

Your sleep habits are a critical part of your wellness journey! 

Sleep Is For YOU

Even if you want to get good sleep, there can be barriers. Insomnia can be a real struggle for many. It can take some time to determine the amount of sleep that works best for you. 

While there are sleep aids you can take, prescription or natural, I think it is best to create healthy habits first before going the medicinal route. If you have exhausted all efforts, contact your physician prior to starting anything. 

If you’re interested in creating better sleep habits for yourself, keep reading for my best tips and tricks.    

You Need Sleep Too

Sleep is just as important as nutrition and exercise. If you don’t take the time to rest and recharge yourself, you will never be able to live to your full potential. You will always just make it as far as you have the energy for. It really doesn’t matter if you’re exercising and eating three balanced meals every day. 

But exercise and diet can help with sleep if you do it right. 

When you have good eating and exercising habits, you will find that your sleeping habits follow suit. Eat well and don’t eat late! Your stomach can cause sleep disruptions. Daily exercise but not exercising late can help create awesome sleep patterns. If you exercise late, the energy you just created will keep you up. 

Use healthy eating and exercise habits to help you get better sleep! 

How To Create Healthy Sleep Habits

Creating a consistent bedtime will aid in healthy sleep patterns. By going to bed and waking up at the same time, you will teach your body when to go to sleep and when to wake up. Once you determine the amount of sleep your body needs, game on guys! It works best if you do this on the weekends too. Consistency is key!

When you establish a nightly routine, your body will adjust to what is happening and start preparing you for sleep. Here are my top tips for establishing a nightly routine:  

  1. A shower is a great way to relax and go to bed feeling great. 
  2. When I pack my bag for the next day, it sets my mind at ease. I can let go of worries about morning preparation. 
  3. I pick out my attire for the next day before bed. It allows me extra sleep time in the morning if I should need it. 
  4. Stay off your phone and any screens for at least a half-hour before your bedtime routine. Some experts say even longer but I’ve found this to work for me. 
  5. The last thing I do before bed is write in my gratitude journal. I fall asleep feeling positive and grateful. I am more relaxed and stay asleep longer because I wasn’t thinking about negative or stressful things as I fell asleep.

When you make small changes in your sleep habits, it will yield big results. Since you can’t be the most successful you when you are not sleeping well, it just makes sense to make sure you are getting enough quality sleep. 

Sleep Habits Start With You

I read somewhere once that a lot of people struggle with sleep because sleep requires peace. This made me think because I knew a couple of people who struggled with sleep. And I believe this to be true because there was no inner peace within their soul. I know they had treated people poorly and made some bad decisions. I can only guess that this weighed heavily on their heart and created chaos inside.  

Be kind. Do the right thing. When you are at peace with your decisions, your mind will be free and your soul will relax. 

Here’s to a great night’s sleep and a productive new day!

Live life on your terms,


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