What's love got to do with my personal life, professional life, and my relationship with myself?

This month’s theme is “What’s love got to do, got to do with it.” OK – How many of you heard that Tina Turner song in your head as you read that??

Anyway, all of February, I’m going to be talking about what love “has to do” with different areas of our lives. From the role love plays in your personal and professional lives to how love factors into your relationship with yourself, I’m going to explore how love impacts us all. 

Sometimes I think of love as a double-edged sword. Honestly! With all of the wonderful things we experience and feel thanks to love, there are also downsides. Love can be an incredibly positive and joyful aspect of your life, but it can also create issues and challenges. 

Here’s a peek at the three topics I’ll be sharing this month.

What’s Love Got to Do With… Your Personal Life

At its best, love can be a wonderfully powerful thing in your life. It gives us the passion and compassion we feel for our friends, family, and people close to us. Love is what drives us to help other people and devote ourselves to what we care about.

At the same time, love can blind us to things that aren’t good for us. When we’re in love, we might not see red flags in relationships. Maybe you’ll look past negative circumstances because of how much you care about someone. Or, thanks to love, we might even forgive when we otherwise shouldn’t, or make choices that aren’t in our best interest.

What’s Love Got to Do With… Your Professional Life

Love might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your professional life, but in reality, it is! Love is part of the drive you feel when you’re working toward the things you want. That passion we feel for our jobs or our businesses, and the empathy we feel for the people we work with, all come from a place of love. It’s not the romantic kind of love we feel in our personal lives, but it’s love nonetheless.

And just as love has its pros and cons in our personal lives, it also has its downsides in business. The love we have in different parts of our professional lives can also keep us from seeing things in business. It can affect how we see our colleagues and how we navigate professional relationships. It can influence the decisions we make and cloud our judgment. 

What’s Love Got to Do With… Yourself

Here’s the thing. I’ve been pretty cynical about love, and Valentine’s Day in particular, over the past few years. But this month, I’m challenging myself to transform my view on love. Not just in my personal life and in my business but also my love for myself.

I love myself more now than I used to. I’m a confident, badass woman who knows her worth, and I’m willing to fight for what I want and need. I believe in myself, I’m happy, and I’m proud of what I’ve created in such a short period. 

I really take to heart the valuable lessons I’ve learned from my experiences. Yes, I admit that from time to time, I struggle. But man, I’ve come a long way. I can’t wait to talk more with you about that later this month.

Join Me This Month

So this month, I want to hear from all of you about what love’s got to do with it in your lives. As I share about these topics every week, I’d like to know what you think and what your own experiences have been. Be sure to tag me on social media or email me at michelle@michellesukow.com with your thoughts!

Live your best life,