Who doesn’t love gifts? I love to get something special from my loved ones and I’m not afraid to admit it! Some of my favorite gifts have been experiential. What’s an experiential gift? It’s a gift that helps you DO something. There’s something special about the gift of experience: it can help you connect with friends and family. More of that, please!   

Experiences give you something material goods cannot: memories. They also give you a whole lot more than just that, including less clutter (who doesn’t want that?), positive feelings, and a better relationship with the person who gave you the gift.

I want to tell you about the benefits! There are many!

Experiences Mean Less Clutter for You

We already have enough. Really. Look in one of your closets. I bet you’ll find way more sweaters than you need (believe me, I’d find the same. Hey, I’m honest!) How many sweaters can one person have?? 

I don’t need more things and I bet you don’t either! 

When you give somebody the gift of experience, they don’t add it to their pile of sweaters. They get to live it! Do it! How neat is that? 

When you get an experiential gift there’s less cleaning. Who doesn’t want to do less cleaning? 

Less clutter in your home makes more space for you to do the things you love! 

The Gift of Experience and Positive Feelings

I talk a lot about having a positive mindset. It’s so important! One way to get yourself and the people you love into a positive mindset is to give the gift of experience. It feels so good to give and so good to get. 

Most people love getting gifts, especially if it’s a gift they truly want. Who doesn’t love knowing somebody took the time to think of them? I know I do! I’m only human. 

Even if you give somebody a gift they can hold, like a new piece of jewelry or a nice candle, it still makes them feel good, but the gift of experience inspires people to pay it forward! 

When you get a gift that lets you do, you remember that experience. It could be a visit to the spa or tickets to a fun show – either way, you enjoy that experience, build positive memories, and feel inspired to do positive in the world. 

Feeling Close Through Experience

When somebody gives me a gift that lets me do, I feel positive feelings towards them. I know they’ve really thought about what I like and helped me experience it. That means a lot! What a gift! 

Nothing feels better than knowing somebody really knows you and puts in the effort to show it. Yeah, a material gift can show somebody knows you, but the gift of experience shows somebody knows how you like to live. That’s special! 

So, if you want to really show people what you know, give them the gift of experience. Then, when they remember doing that experience, they will think of you and remember how much you mean to them! 

It’s not just about the experience, it’s about the relationship, too. 

Give the Gift of Gratitude

So, where am I going with all this? I have a point. I promise! If you haven’t gotten a copy of my Gratitude Journal yet, it’s the perfect experiential gift. It will help your loved ones start and maintain a gratitude practice and that’s a gift that keeps giving. 

There’s so much inside for them, too:

  • A special message from me talking about the How and Why of a gratitude practice 
  • Six months of guided pages they can fill with daily gratitude reflections
  • My favorite quotes to keep them inspired, PLUS QR codes they can scan to watch videos of me talking about the meaning behind each quote
  • Space for Weekly Reflections so they can appreciate the week they had
  • Beautiful designs so they have something nice to look at while they write

One of the best ways to connect with your loved ones is to give them a gift they can do! It will free up clutter in their life, get them in a positive mindset, and will help them feel close to you. What’s not to love? 

If you miss the Christmas gift deadline, don’t worry; this is a perfect gift to start the New Year! January 1st is perfect for starting a gratitude practice. Help your loved ones start 2020 off right. 

Treat your loved ones to something special this holiday season! 


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