A dog's life. I wonder how my dogs see me. Today I imagine what a day in their lives might be like.

Dogs can play very important roles in our lives. They’re our friends, our confidants, and our family. This week’s blog is written from the perspective of my dog, Carleton, and what I imagine what a day in a dog’s life might be like for him.

Morning Fun

The sun’s been shining for a while this morning. I’ve been watching my mom intently as she sleeps, hoping she’ll wake up soon. My sister Riley is jumping and wagging around, trying to wake her. I chuckle to myself because I know Mom’s not going to get up until she’s good and ready.

Mornings are just the best. Mom always gives us belly rubs and takes time to make us feel loved as she starts her day. After she gives us our breakfast (yum!) we go outside and have the best time running around. Mom will say “Go potty,” but how am I supposed to do that when there are so many new and interesting scents outside? I have to sniff everywhere before I finally choose the perfect place to “go.”

A Busy Day in a Dog’s Life!

I get treats when I come inside, because I’m such a good boy, obviously. Then, we’ll head into Mom’s office. I’ll take my place on the bed next to her desk as we settle in for “our” workday. I love listening to her talk, and the way her voice goes up and down and changes depending on what she’s talking about. Sometimes she talks about things that are happy, and she laughs! Other times she talks about things that make her sad, though, so I put my head on her lap to comfort her. I know doing that makes her happy, and I love that I can make her smile.

After we’ve spent some time working in the office together, Mom lets me outside to play again. Riley and I fetch sticks and dig in the sandbox. On days it’s very hot outside, we even get to go swimming! Man, a dog’s life sure is great. My mom is so thoughtful and fun: She always tries to keep us busy and comfortable! At home most afternoons, I like getting to smell all of the scents the day has brought to our yard. I’m convinced that the clever little fox that lives here visits when I’m not around. Sometimes I see him, and I want to chase him, but Mom won’t let me – boo! 

As nighttime rolls around, Riley and I like to curl up and watch movies with Mom. Tonight we’re watching one about a dog’s life! Mom is crying an awful lot and I don’t know why. Usually when there are dogs on TV it makes her super happy, she loves us dogs so much. But tonight she seems sad… I think it’s because something happened to the dog on TV. That’s my cue to nuzzle in and snuggle her. She gives me lots of hugs in return. I love when we get to snuggle, it’s so nice.

Bedtime Happiness

Before bedtime, Mom lets us outside to go potty again, and I know she wants me to hurry up because those pesky mosquitoes bother her! But, I’m the kind of dog who needs to take my time, especially tonight since I need to mark my spots in case that darn fox comes back. 

Then we start getting ready for bed. I don’t know what exactly mom does in the bathroom, but she must wash her face – she always comes out of there squeaky clean! Mom gets in bed and calls my name, so I know it’s time to jump in next to her and get comfortable. Every night I watch as she takes out this book she has and writes in it. I’m not sure what she writes about, but I know it makes her happy because she always closes the book with a smile.

As she shuts off the lights and we settle in for the night, I let out a big sigh. Today was a good day: My mom is safe and happy, and I hope she has sweet dreams. I can’t wait to wake up in the morning, see her smiling face, and get all of my belly rubs.