As we continue with this month’s theme of success, I want to talk about finding your inspiration for success and recognizing what a badass you already are. 

When you’re looking for sources of inspiration, or what will motivate you to be your best, start with you. That’s right, you! Thinking about what makes you feel successful, and recognizing the things you’re accomplishing all the time, will empower you to keep reaching for success.

Look Inside to Find Inspiration for Success

I encourage you to look within for inspiration. Think about what motivates and satisfies you, and what makes you proud. You have to know what makes you happy if you want to figure out what success means to you!

Maybe you feel your best when you’re on top of things at work. Or maybe you feel the most satisfied when your kids are happy. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to success. Let your motivation be your own.

Spend some time thinking about the things that inspire you, and write them down on one of my notepads! Keep those things in mind when you’re setting goals, and let them be part of what you’re working toward to feel successful. Your unique sources of inspiration can drive you to move forward and accomplish things in every area of your life.

Michelle Sukow writes down what motivates and satisfies her to find her inspiration.

Don’t Compare Your Success to Anyone Else’s

Each person has their own version of success. So, if you compare your accomplishments to someone else’s, it will be hard for you to find what success is for you. Like I talked about last week, everyone’s successes are going to be different. Focus on yours!

Some of us want a big corporate career, some want a wonderful family life, and some want to be single and travel the world on our own. Any of those things are great successes, but are any of them what you want? The only way to define your success is to know what inspires you, and you alone.

Recognize Everything You’ve Already Accomplished

All too often, we forget to reflect on our accomplishments. I’m SO guilty of this! People seem to think success is some big finish line, and it’s really not. We all have successes throughout the week, even throughout the day! I know I do. 

For me, sometimes it’s just a matter of not getting pissed off or stressed about something. Or realizing something that would have pushed my buttons before doesn’t anymore. I should be proud of those moments; they’re successes in their own right.

Maybe my guys here at the shop got a great review from a satisfied customer. They should celebrate that success, and I should celebrate that I have an awesome team that does great things!

Michelle Sukow's team and colleagues inspire her to keep reaching for success.

Success for you might be earning that bonus you’ve been working toward, or setting aside time to relax. Or it could be smiling at the minivan driver who cut you off instead of cursing under your breath! Big or small, professional or personal, when you take the time to look for successes in your life, you’ll realize you’re accomplishing things all the time.

I’ll Leave You With This…

When shit gets hard, or when you feel like things aren’t going your way, it’s tough to find inspiration to keep reaching toward your success. I get it, trust me. But I hope you’ll take a moment to acknowledge how AMAZING you are. You’re making strides and moving forward on your journey every day, whether you realize it or not. Look inside yourself for the inspiration to keep going. The only definition of success that matters is your own. 

If you ever need someone to remind you just how much you deserve to celebrate every win along the way, you know where to find me!

Live life on your terms,